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I started my career as a painter, but switched to sculpture as I had a strong desire for the direct touch and contact with the material that expresses my work. I find the sensuousness of soft damp clay very exciting, as well as the gentle resistance of the plaster that I am carving. Cast into bronze the pieces become enhanced by the coloured patina and the warm glow of the polished metal.

My sculptures are expressions of feelings and I have a deep love affair with my work. I have no pre-conceived ideas about any piece when I start. My unconscious guides me, letting the process take me where it will. I work partly by sight, partly by exploring the surfaces by touch. I consider the sculpture finished when it feels right physically and emotionaly.

I frequently discover startling similarities between the forms I have created and natural objects, reminding me of the truth of Oscar Wilde's famous dictum that "nature imitates art".

If I can use a simple purity of form in my sculpture to express the joy of life, then I have succeeded.